Cambodian kids care center 

OCTOBER 19, 2017

One of the the most impactful days of my TEFL training was spent at the Cambodia Kids Care Center in Koh Chang. About 5,000 Cambodians live on Koh Chang and many are not employed legally, which means they cannot get benefits such as education. This leaves some Cambodian children unable to receive a proper education. In 2008 a Dutch couple learned of these disadvantaged Cambodian children and decided to fund a school. 

I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer at the school as part of my TEFL certification. The TEFL trainees spent the day teaching a variety of English lessons to these eager and energetic students. From name games to numbers, my first experience as "Teacher Liv" couldn't have been more rewarding! 

The school relies solely on donations and has almost been forced to close twice because of lack of funding so please considering following the link and donating.