Liv's Lists - Thai Delicacies

I'm not much of a foodie and being allergic to peanuts, egg, and shrimp has made eating in Thailand quite the challenge. On top of that, I decided to go vegetarian upon my arrival so food options are very limited, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying a variety of street foods, markets, and restaurants through out Thailand...I even tried my first bug!

Here's a list of my some on my favorite things to eat in Thailand. 

- Pok Pok (aka Vegetables and Rice) 

- Khao Pok (Fried Rice with Vegetables) 

- 7/11 Sushi Burritos 

- Chang 

- Mentos

- Wasabi Peas 

- Iced Americano (No Milk, No Sugar)

- Rose Apples 

- Griled Mushrooms on a Stick

- Waffles (Fun Fact: They put corn in their waffles)

- Klaui Buat Chi (Banana in Coconut Milk) 

- Red Curry 

- 7/11 Banana Muffins

- Chana Masala 

- Kanom Kai Krata (Sweet Potato Balls) 

- Spring Rolls

- Green Tea Frappes

- Papaya Salad (NO PEANUTS)